The Power of Staging

for Directors, Actors, and Writers

The REPLAY of the Power of Staging session.

What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know
Will Make or Break Your Film

One of the most overlooked aspects in making your film is staging the scenes. And in staging, the best kept secret is how to inject energy, tension, power and magic into each and every scene, moment to moment.

Mark Travis will demonstrate the crucial macro and micro elements of staging that you’ve never thought of before and didn’t know were needed, but are paramount to keeping your audience on the edge of their seats.


Learn the dynamics and counter-intuitive possibilities of micro and macro staging that will give any scene the edge it needs.

Learn how to layer in subtext by including subtle stage directions.

Learn how to self-stage your character’s internal obstacles to create the emotional charge a scene requires.



  • Scene breakdown in preparation for staging

  • The three aspects of staging:

    • Character to Character

    • Character to Environment

    • Character to Self

  • Seeking comfort and avoiding conflict

  • Power moves

  • The power of a prop

  • Power shifts between characters

  • Independent activities

  • Entrances and exits

  • Changing locations

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn the secrets of Mark Travis’ practical film magic.

Registered participants will receive the link to the recording.


Honolulu, Hawaii
Los Angeles, California
Prague, Czech Republic
Cologne, Germany
Auckland, New Zealand

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