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Where Writers Go Wrong with Story
-Events Aren’t the Story

What Stops An Actor From Getting Into Character?

How A Master Storyteller Keeps The Audience Engaged.

How a Director can Ruin a Movie Without
Realizing it

The #1 Job of a Movie Director

The ‘Director’s Director’ Mark W. Travis on
Creating Authentic Acting Performances [FULL INTERVIEW]

The Most Critical Thing A Director Does When Reading A Screenplay

The Power of Authentic Storytelling

A Movie Director Should Know This As Much As Anything Else

How Does A Director Find the Heart Of A Story?

Should A Director Rewrite the Screenplay?

Story Mastery & The Director’s Journey – Full Interview with Michael Hauge & Mark W. Travis – PART 1

Story Mastery & The Director’s Journey – Full Interview with Michael Hauge & Mark W. Travis – PART 2

Biggest Mistake A Director Can Make Before Production

Directing the Perfect Acting Performance

How To Deal With A Blocked Actor On A Movie Set

How I Would Have Directed Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant Bear Attack Scene

Creating An Instant Riveting Authentic Acting Performance

One Thing A Director Does Not Want In Their Movie is Acting

Should A Director Take Acting Classes?

Top 3 Acting Performances Every Actor Should Watch

What If An Actor Says Everything Is Fine?

The Question Everyone in Hollywood is Trying to Answer

If You Had No Fear, What Story Would You Tell?

The Sequencing of a Story: Where to Start and Finish?

The Primary Reasons to Tell a Story

Why Writers Need to Lie to Get To The Truth.

How To Interrogate A Character

Where People Go Wrong With Their Own

First Time A Writer Sees Their Characters Come To Life

What Writers Need To Know About Voices

Great Storytellers Know These Two Time-
Altering Techniques

Write Your Life and Become a Better Storyteller [FULL INTERVIEW]

If You Want To Quit Your Day Job, You Have To Be Able to Create Your Own Work

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