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Developed by director Mark W. Travis, the director-centric Travis Technique is a transformational approach to cinematic storytelling.

Mark W. Travis

Founder and director of the Travis International Film Institute, is known for his Travis Technique of Working with Actors.

Called the Interrogation Process, directors trained in his method, are able to elicit instantaneous and authentic performances from their actors that translate brilliantly onto the screen.

Winner of over 30 directorial awards, Mark Travis has taught his cutting-edge directing approach at over 50 film schools, Directors Guilds and major film studios worldwide. His clients include Academy Award winners and nominees.

Watch the documentary on the Interrogation Process.


Mark’s in-depth directing courses, coaching and consultations open up and elevate all phases of filmmaking from pre to post, including the writing, casting, rehearsal and staging processes, which often result in a noticeable reduction in production time and cost.

When you’re ready to go beyond traditional directing

When you’re ready to venture into inspired and impactful collaboration with your actors

When you’re ready to dive deep into your story, your characters and their subterranean dynamics…


“The first thing I do when prepping a new film is call Mark Travis and begin the workshopping and consulting process that allows me to get inside the film and work my way out. It’s a great process that I highly recommend for any director. It’s about giving a fellow director the license to challenge you at every turn, and find the rich dramatic material within – and in the end a better film. Mark Travis is the only practical teacher of directing I’ve ever met. Simply the best!”

Cyrus Nowrasteh

Writer-Director, Infidel, The Young Messiah, The Stoning of Soraya M., The Day Reagan Was Shot


“Mark Travis’ Interrogation Process is not only the finest gift ever given to me by another director, it’s one of the finest gifts anyone has given me – ever!”

Jon Amiel

Director, nominated for BAFTA Award, The Singing Detective, Sommersby, Copycat, Encore, Entrapment, Tune In Tomorrow


“Mark understands that the director is quintessentially a storyteller. He knows what it takes to shape a compelling film.”

George Tillman, Jr.

Director, Producer, The Hate You Give, Soul Food, Men of Honor, Barbershop

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