The Art and Alchemy of Staging

for Directors, Actors, and Writers

A 6-Session Travis Technique Intensive Online Course

The Art and Alchemy of Staging



A 6-Session Travis Technique Intensive Online Course

6 Saturdays:
July 9, 16, 23, 30
August 6, 13

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM (Pacific Time)

In “The Art and Alchemy of Staging” course, Mark Travis will analyze and deconstruct the staging of a variety of scenes from well-known films. The scenes range from highly charged ones to plain vanillas where nothing is happening. You will see how a tiny change in staging (a thwarting of the impulse for comfort, for instance) can create a completely different scene. That’s the magic of staging well.

For your part, if you really want to get the gold of staging, you will immerse yourself into the weekly homework assignments. That’s where you get to experience the power and beauty of staging. Even if you cannot attend the live online sessions, if you do the homework and watch the replays, you will gain as much, or more.

The homework includes:

  • Multiple stagings of your memories and true stories to open up other possibilities and other outcomes while keeping the events and dialogue exactly the same
  • Solving problems by non-ordinary, dyslexic or counter-intuitive thinking
  • Using timing and time distortion to increase tension and generate unexpected turns
  • Noting people’s quirky, strange or eccentric habits
  • Creating a list of telling micro movements
  • Improvising inner dialogues for nonverbal scenes
  • Imagining interesting distractions, obstacles and impediments
  • Unearthing the stories underneath the stories that hide underneath
  • Loosening the boundaries of your imagination to serve the spirit of your stories
  • And much more…


All registrants of

The Art and Alchemy of Staging

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If you can't make it for the live session, don't worry. All you need to do is request the replay.


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