3 Best Kept Secrets

For Directors, Actors, Writers, and all Storytellers

The 3 Best Kept Secrets to Creating True-to-Life
Compelling Characters with Less Effort and in Less Time

Mark W. Travis

The Directors’ Director

Your characters

don’t know they’re in a movie. They don’t know that their lives are being written by someone called a writer and performed by a bunch of actors. They know nothing about directors and they would resent being told to “be more passionate,” or “more casual,” or “less angry.” Wouldn’t you too?  The characters in your story are just like you, living life in their own peculiar ways, doing whatever it takes to maintain a sense of comfort, avoid suffering, and gain some perceived advantage.

So, how are you to direct the characters in your script if they have no use for a director? Aren’t you supposed to be the big kahuna and have everything under control?

If you’re an actor, how are you to play your character without planning your performance in advance and hoping that your director will tell you that “you nailed it”?

How are you to write your characters without imposing your 3-act, or whatever other structure you fancy, on them and without funneling them into your idea of who and how they should be?

And how can you do all this with less effort and in less time?

Join the live webinar where Mark W. Travis, Keeper of Secrets of the House of Travis, will reveal the answers to how you can create true-to-life compelling characters with less effort and in less time.

Whether you’re a director, a writer or an actor… beginning or well-experienced… you will find the nuggets of gold you’ve been looking for. Afterward, it becomes a matter of practice, practice and more practice! Like any other art, it never ends. But this webinar will open your eyes to what you never knew was possible.

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